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“We received the two paintings we ordered today; in perfect shape as always. They are both stunning enough to get an audible 'wow' from the other side of a 30ft room. I was particularly pleased by "Light at the End"; this was my wife's choice. In the photos I had the impression that there was a lot of 'dead space' in the dark browns. Now I have the picture I can see the light flecks and even branch detail reaching deep into the shadows. I love a painting that can grab you and pull you in.

I knew I was going to love Abandoned Barn but it is even better in real life. It is very hard to capture desolation without capturing misery. The grey sky has enough detail to be 'grey without boring' and the interaction of the light-flecked tree branches is perfect. Even the 'red blob' or the roof which is there to offset the grey of the sky actually has fade-flecks to offset the red. Just wonderful.” David Bayliss

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Original landscape art by Jesus F. Moreno


Original abstract art by Jesus F. Moreno


Original nature art by Jesus F. Moreno


Original surreal art by Jesus F. Moreno


Original building art by Jesus F. Moreno
Fine art by Jesus Moreno

To all my collectors, Thank You! Jesús F Moreno