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“My wife and I had promised ourselves we would get some good artwork for years. You are the first artist to produce work we both like and at a price we can swallow ....” David Bayliss

Solo Exhibition

Sparrows Gallery presents a Solo Exhibition of Jesus F. Moreno

Friday, August 25, 2017 at 6pm-10pm

Don't miss your chance to meet renowned Dallas artist, Jesus F. Moreno. His highly collected works will be on Exhibition with NUMEROUS never before seen pieces. A discount will be made on any purchase the night of the opening! Refreshments, wine to be served.

Free Admission

“It is very rare to find an artist that produces paintings that can grab you from across the room but still hold your attention when you are standing a couple of feet away. Jesus has managed this time and again. His landscapes transport you to another place; his dark brooding cloudscapes empathize with your darkest moments but his work with light always provides hope. We have a goodly number of his original oils and prints of many of his watercolors; we have literally debated moving some furniture to provide more wall space for Jesus' work. Sadly we cannot get to Texas but I thoroughly recommend this event to anyone that can ...” ~David Bayliss

Sparrows Gallery, 124 West Main St, Denison, Texas 75021

(903) 337-0708


Visit the gallery and see a sample of my original works of art that expand a period of 35 plus years.


Fine art available for purchase in the landscape, abstract, surreal, nature and other categories. Mediums include oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Looking for the perfect painting?

Now accepting fine art commissions. A one of a kind painting just for you.

My Latest Work

Serenity, original oils on canvas by Jesus F. Moreno


18x18 oils on canvas


Stream of Life, original oils on canvas by Jesus F. Moreno

Stream of Life

16x20 Oils on canvas


Attention to Detail

Fine Art by Jesús F. Moreno Fine Art by Jesús F. Moreno Fine Art by Jesús F. Moreno Fine Art by Jesús F. Moreno Fine Art by Jesús F. Moreno

About Jesús F. Moreno

Jesús F. Moreno

Creator and Owner of a Computerized Graphics Design Business, Jesús Moreno has also been actively engaged in producing fine art for the past 35 years. Born in Madrid, Spain in 1959, he moved to the US as a young man and soon found a love for the arts and an opportunity to incorporate his early exposure to the classics.

As an artist, illustrator and photographer, Jesús Moreno uses his creative mindset to present a unique view in all his work. His attention to detail, his history of color theory and blending techniques, and his well-developed observation skills result in enriched artistry. Some of his more innovative approaches include huge murals on glass, ink on acrylic panels, and mixed media canvases. His newest project, artistic photographs in eBook format, have been acclaimed for their extraordinary beauty and grace.

Many of his works are currently hanging in Spain, United Kingdom, residences throughout the US and in commercial buildings in the southwest.

Currently showing at Sparrows Gallery in Denison, Texas

All of my clients are 100% happy with their paintings. Art is my passion and I take pride in my work. I will never release a painting that I wouldn’t be happy to hang in my own home. Jesús F Moreno

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