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Jesus F Moreno

Jesús F. Moreno, Artist


  • 2021 – November 5-6 – Solo Exhibition, The Cove, McKinney, Texas
  • 2021 – October 21-24 – The Other Art Fair, Dallas
  • 2021 – May 25-30 – Virtual Exhibition – The Other Art Fair, Dallas
  • 2021 – May – The Other Art Fair, Dallas – Postponed due to COVID 19
  • 2020 – October – The Other Art Fair, Dallas – Postponed due to COVID 19
  • 2020- May – The Other Art Fair, Dallas – Postponed due to COVID 19
  • 2019 – All events postponed due to family illness
  • 2018 – November 30 – December 1- Solo Exhibition, The Cove, McKinney, Texas
  • 2018 – April 13-15 – Arts in Bloom, McKinney, Texas, McKinney Arts tent
  • 2018 – March 3 – Private showing at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. Toni Das
  • 2018 – February 27 – Speaker, “The importance of branding”, Microsoft at Stonebriar in Frisco, Texas
  • 2018 – January 12-13 – Solo Exhibition, The Cove, McKinney, Texas
  • 2017 – August 25 – Solo Exhibition, Sparrows Art Gallery, Denison, Texas
  • 2017 – August 21 – Presentation at Sherman Art League
  • 2016 – May 3 – Keynote Speaker, Small Business Presentation, Microsoft at Stonebrier Centre, Frisco, Texas

JF Moreno, Artist

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1959, JF Moreno was exposed to the artwork of the Masters at a young age. Visiting the great museums such as The Prado Museum of Art, filled with the works of Velazquez, Goya, Sorolla, Picasso, Dali, and Miro, left a lasting impression on Moreno. Moving to the United States as a young man, Moreno used his exposure to the classics to explore a career as an artist, illustrator, and photographer.

With an attention to detail and strong knowledge of color theory, Moreno produces works that echo the timeless beauty of the Masters while also creating contemporary work that collectors bond to in a deeply emotional way. “There is nothing more satisfying to me than a person telling me that a painting has a special meaning to them,” says Moreno. “Each painting I create holds a place in my heart, and at times it is hard to give them up. Only by hearing my collectors tell me of their feelings for the painting does separating from my painting seem easier.”

Predominately a self-taught artist, Moreno’s work is traditional, abstract, and sometimes surreal. He uses a variety of mediums and is constantly exploring and experimenting with his work. Currently, the artist works in oil on large canvases producing abstract and surreal pieces that evoke an otherworldly sense of place.

“I paint each piece for myself. The places I see in my mind and wish I could visit in person,” Moreno says. “I hang my work in my home surrounding myself with these places that only exist in my imagination.”

Moreno accepts private commissions and enjoys the challenge of creating a work that visualizes the thoughts and ideas of his patrons. Many of his works are currently hanging in Spain, the United Kingdom, residences throughout the US, and in commercial buildings in the Southwest.

Voyage Dallas Magazine interview (click here)

There are artists who have produced one good work; some are good enough you might want two – we have more than half a dozen of Jesus’ originals at focal points around our house and I suspect that number is going to keep growing.

Leaving aside the excellency of his artwork which you can see for yourself on his website it is also worth mentioning that Jesus is a honest, fair and attentive supplier. We have bought originals, prints and even commissioned artwork from him and we always enjoy the process and get the distinct impression that Jesus wants us to enjoy it.

– David Bayliss – Florida, U.S.A.