In My Mind’s Eye

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The creative minds of artists allow them to see many things simultaneously.



Several years ago, during a difficult time for our family as my wife was very ill, we spent long periods in the hospital. I found myself creating concepts for future paintings on my tablet by her bedside. It took a few years before I actually started painting them on canvas. These pieces have special significance in my life, beliefs, and values. They are inspired. This is one of the paintings.

I have a very busy mind, I believe that it is the same for all artists. At times my mind is filled with happy memories, inspiration, ideas, and future plans. Other times the thoughts bring sad events to memory, and tend to block total inspiration. My work reflects what’s in my mind at the time I am painting. There are many ideas that can be explored in this piece. You will be engaged to keep looking for more. As with all my works, this one is from deep in my heart and my mind.

  • 30×40 oils on linen
  • Framed – Contemporary matte black floater frame
  • Signed – Lower left Moreno
  • Provenance – Currently held by artist

Additional information

Dimensions 1.5 × 30 × 40 in